Gritty Details

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Tonight's Poet Corner: An Idyllic Scene

An Idyllic Scene
by Belinda Roddie

Last time I checked,
all the mouth-breathing,
tobacco-gnawing, squirrel-faced
flat-Earthers were at the
local alley, bowling hambones
and drinking bad sangria out of
plastic pitchers, wearing red
baseball caps with slogans that
were tailored toward the fat men
with fat pockets. They slurped up
their lukewarm booze and relinquished
their bodies to the primordial soup
being served to those who evolved
quickly enough to stomach it. And
they weren't planning on leaving
the facilities any time soon - not before
a game of billiards and a shitty round of
pinball with that little silver ball
dinging to the beat of their own
congestive heart failure.

Today's OneWord: Scope

"Well?" growled Toby. "Well? Now you understand what we're dealing with?"

Henry frowned. He scratched at his grizzled gray beard, looking increasingly more uncomfortable in his tailored blue suit. "Okay," he confessed. "So maybe I didn't understand the exact scope of the incident..."

"Scope...? Motherfucker, we're doomed! Our airline's never gonna recover from this!"

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Tonight's Poet Corner: Morning After

Morning After
by Belinda Roddie

I thought about mixing
my drink with melatonin
so I could sleep with laughter
turning into gray froth
on my cold, swollen lips.

I thought about driving
my cousin to the train station
and leaving him asleep
on a bench so he could wake up
to the sound of travel.

I thought about making
pancakes for three, but
eating enough for two, and
you would have the rest, all
fluffy and compounded

with the sweetness of a day
with the sweetness of a story
with the sweetness of a scream