Gritty Details

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Today's OneWord: Single

He was single; she was not. She was gay, and he was hot. He was ready to accost her, but he faceplanted and lost her. She had earned her black belt, too, so she made him black and blue.

He was single; she was not. Her fiancée came in hot. Didn't matter how he begged; soon, he couldn't feel his legs.

Friday, October 20, 2017

Tonight's Poet Corner: Introspection

Why is the first deadline for my Yearbook class approaching so damn fast?! Jesus, two weeks away, and I don't know if we can get the stuff we want done!

Phew. Okay. Mini freak-out's now out of the way. Moving on.

So...yeah! After a short week of work due to the fires, I felt like I returned to a sense of normalcy at my school. My English students are doing what I believe is a fun and creative rhetoric assignment focused on advertising. My Yearbook staff is designing pages for the yearbook, and they'll hopefully be all done and look great by the first out of six deadlines. I've been able to tend to self-care a bit more, which is always a plus. Autumn weather is finally kicking in, so I'm enjoying the chillier weather a lot. Definitely makes my hot chocolate obsession a bit more rational!

I mean, the world's still insane, and the orange man still needs to be locked away in a padded room, but hey, I'm still alive and kicking, aren't I? And so are my friends, family, and loved ones.

Honestly, it's nice to write a shorter introspection than usual. I had a plan to delve into the psychological impact of deadlines and how I have always been an individual who's worked better under pressure, but that contrasts deeply with being in a management-like role over students who may not work better under pressure like I do...but that's all I can really come up with, folks. I mean, deadlines are crazy, and I've always worked well with deadlines because, unlike the usual stuff, my anxiety becomes productive. The End.

Nice analysis and deep-diving essay writing, right?

I'll be trying to keep busy this weekend as my wife wraps up her final weekend of shows. Might see my dad tomorrow night; I'm still figuring out the logistics if I do drive back to my hometown. Apart from that? You'll probably get more of an introspection out of me next Friday, which is when I'll be at my in-laws' place, preparing for the annual Halloween party.

I am so looking forward to that. Especially after living through what I believe to be one of my craziest Octobers yet.

Have a great night and a great weekend, everyone!

Friday's Ten Word Tales: Eradication

by Belinda Roddie

If this is love, then zap it from my system.