Gritty Details

Monday, August 19, 2019

Tonight's Poet Corner: Southampton

by Belinda Roddie

He wears white socks and black croc
sliders because they're comfortable, and he
doesn't give a damn what the bystanders think.
His purple jacket gives him Prince vibes,
and that's all that matters to him.

On the asphalt steps, he counts Tetris
blocks on his phone, but the puzzle
he started in his apartment remains dusty.
Meanwhile, the aesthetically pleasing couple -
the man in torn jeans, black leather,
wide-brimmed hat; the girl with ebony hair,

sweet shades, pink lips, and a mix of husky
and chihuahua on her lap - rub each other's
backs and sip coffees and chais. It's all a
suburban game in the end, my friend: It's all
a stupid little suburban game.

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