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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Tonight's Poet Corner: Caught In The '90s

Caught In The '90s
by Belinda Roddie

Here we are

holding hands at the baseball game
wasting quarters on the old arcade
sharing secrets over Gatorade
like all dumb teenagers do

Here we talk

about war and stupid politics
about the TV shows we like to skip
and all the boy bands that make us sick
to our stomachs at eleven at night

And here we drive

where the dirt road grows too thin
and the lake's so cold that you
just can't swim in it, but I'll
hold you just along its rim and
sing you tunes from the radio

And I kiss you once

just to make you smile
and I'll say goodbye at the bus stop.
I'll be seeing you in a second life
where it's totally legal for you
to be my wife

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