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Friday, August 26, 2016

Tonight's Poet Corner: Introspection

Welp, the first official week of school has come and gone. Some summer classes I've been teaching are wrapping up. New classes are starting. I'm facing new challenges but also enjoying every minute in the classroom. It may sound strange to some people, but I love being a teacher. The workload, though heavy, is enjoyable, and I absolutely love my coworkers (even though they teased me quite a bit tonight for an admittedly rather "impressive" brain fart - don't worry, I know the difference between the United States flag and the transgender pride flag. I was tired and confused. I'm not stupid. I promise).

Of course, being this busy does affect the quality of my writing - or at least the length of that - and I'm sorry about that. I'll do my best to produce the best poetry and fiction I can. It's just that my job is taking up a considerable amount of my time, and when I get home in the evenings, I'm pretty worn out. Working also means that I have to reprioritize things writing-wise; for example, I need to see if I can allot at least some time out of some days to devote to projects and new ideas, so I can use any down time I have to dedicate myself to my craft rather than focus on my anxiety. Don't worry, I'll still update this blog daily to full capacity - you just might see some very short Storytellers (not that I haven't been guilty of skimping on that before) and some shorter poems. It happens.

It's all about adapting and adjusting. I'll make this work because I want to make this work. And that's what matters most. Tomorrow will be nice, though - my fiancée will be treating me to breakfast, and I'll be able to enjoy my weekend without too many responsibilities.

As always, have a great night and a great weekend, everyone.

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