Gritty Details

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Tonight's Poet Corner: Sonnet Solstice #259

My Labrador
by Belinda Roddie

My labrador and I went for a walk,
and as he went off sniffing for a squirrel,
I found a friend, and we sat down to talk,
just us three in our private little world.
My friend's dog had just passed, so he was glad
to give my own pup some attention. He
stroked his blonde fur, though still a little sad.
"My poor mutt died too young," he said to me.
"Nobody saw it coming. One day, she's
just bouncing around, then the next, she's gone."
I gave my friend a hug and fought the breeze
off my back. I hoped it would take a long
time before my pooch died. Even so, he
was happy to find a nice spot to pee.

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