Gritty Details

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Tonight's Poet Corner: Beasts In My Belly

Beasts In My Belly
by Belinda Roddie

Paint my innards blue so that
they can be tricked into cooling down
like ice in an acidic cavern. Help me roll
over onto my side so that the pain feels less
like knives and more like stones pressing
into my soul. Brew a tea strong enough to

scare away the dragons roosting on the
hot coals of my stomach; their claws scrape
against my intestines. I can hardly stand up
for fear that they will scorch my insides
with their flaming breath.

Here, I see you brought me a green rubbery
tablet or two. I gulp them down, and they
descend like weary eyes observing
the scene. When I fall asleep tonight, you
will hold me as usual. You will cradle the pain
against the crooks of your elbows, attempting
to silence its bellows with a lullaby.

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