Gritty Details

Monday, October 10, 2016

Tonight's Poet Corner: Mahalo

by Belinda Roddie

We heard it on the plane, and in the airport,
and at the restaurant where we binged on
tangy ahi poke and mango guacamole. That
simple word of gratitude you sometimes hear
over a Mai Tai or two. A custom that holds
warmth in its vowels similar to the way
that the heat is cradled in the island breeze.

We heard it when we got our rented car, when
we checked in to our hotel room. We sure as Hell
didn't hear it when a rooster refused to step off
the road - this was his domain! And yet I felt
the only way I could say anything back was
with the simple phrase I had practiced all my life:
Thank you.

Perhaps, during this honeymoon, that will
be appropriate, and charming, enough.

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