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Thursday, October 13, 2016

Tonight's Poet Corner: Sonnet Solstice #266

by Belinda Roddie

Aloha! We are still in Kauai
and had a great time at a luau that
is owned by a great local family
that sure knows how to make me tip my hat
to them. The food was excellent, the sweet
and strong Mai Tais kicking us in the gut
in just the best way. We danced to the beat
of bass and ukulele, and guess what?
We got applause for being newlyweds
and enjoyed a great series of song and dance
from all sorts of cultures. Now sleepyheads,
we went back to our hotel room. Perchance
I'll collapse as soon as I finish this
silly sonnet, and hope my dreams are bliss.

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