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Monday, November 28, 2016

Tonight's Poet Corner: Up In The Sky

Up In The Sky
by Belinda Roddie

I stole Wonder Woman's lasso
so I could make you tell the truth
for once in your goddamn life. You spilled
out your guts like confetti on the carpet, and
the stain is never coming out. But the tales
you told, oh, Lord, I'm saving them in my back
pocket in case you wrong me again. Tell me,

how did you manage two other wives without
breaking a sweat? You're no Superman, that
much is obvious. Now the discomfort's turning
your face a whole different color. I always
questioned if I needed a hero, but I guess you're
the joker here, and I'm sure as Hell the fool.

That's no bird or plane up in the sky. No,
those are the floating hearts you broke with
your half-assed lies. You collected them like
comic books. They were vintage, but now
they're worth less than the "I love you"
you snuck past me. I'd like to turn the page

on this little saga, please. I'll buy my own
Batmobile and take off at top speed. Feel
free to wave goodbye from the window
of your bedroom, where you'll indulge
in your manly men in spandex like you could
ever rival their own stupid stories.

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