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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Tonight's Poet Corner: Chilly Dynamics

Chilly Dynamics
by Belinda Roddie

Look at all my worries, darling,
hung up like lights for all to see. They
blink like blue and green eyes through frost
and mist that paints the night sky white. Look
at all my worries, darling. Cover them with
tinsel and put them on your sweet, little
Christmas tree. They'll provoke plenty
of conversations over egg nog and
gingerbread cookies. Let me sleep

until noon, my sunshine. It's too cold
for me to function any earlier. Work is
slow during the holidays, and the sleigh
bells ringing outside give me an awful
headache. Let me sleep until noon, my
sunshine, and wake me when the smell
of cider rises from the pot like a kiss that's
warmer and fresher than the ones you've
stuck on me like bows on poorly wrapped
presents just in time for Christmas Eve.

Listen to my stories, sweetheart, for they
were written just for you. Even the reindeer
on the rooftop will stop to hear the twist
ending. Listen to my stories, sweetheart,
and rest with me by the fireplace. Then maybe
Kris Kringle will take you away and make
my wish for winter solitude come true.

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