Gritty Details

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Tonight's Poet Corner: My Advice?

My Advice?
by Belinda Roddie

She's got baggage, girl, and she's gotta check
it in before she boards the plane, if you
catch my drift. You wanna sleep with her,
you gotta be mindful of the clutter she's swept
up under her bed. Couple of drinks into
the night, and your head's fuzzy enough to
forget the details. But face it, you'll wake
up in the morning, and the piles of drama are
still there. Order a stack of pancakes for breakfast
at the diner, get a free side of tragic backstory. If
you can't handle it, I don't blame you. She's
a meteor ready to crash into the earth, and if you
collect the debris, you can add it to your collection
of emotional burden so it glitters like
an extraterrestrial romance.

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