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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Tonight's Poet Corner: Rainbow Movies

Rainbow Movies
by Belinda Roddie

Let there be a rom-com
about a fashionista
who swoons for one of her models
as she sashays down the catwalk,
flaunting one of her newest designs.

Let there be a Western dramedy
on a farm out in deep-fried Texas
where a city slicker meets her match
in a cowgirl, and they share their first
kiss over caramel corn at the local county fair.

Let there be a grand adventure
where a warrior princess bonds with
the new chieftess of a forgotten tribe,
and as they face the enemy army together,
they hold hands and clasp their swords
in their free fingers. And while we're at it,

let there be a horror feature where the girl
saves her next door neighbor from the monster,
swooping her into a kiss as the screams from
Hell finally dissipate. A sci-fi romp with a
space pilot and her wife. A raunchy ensemble
piece where two women plan the craziest anniversary
party of their lives. A buddy cop flick where the
lady cops solve the crime and lock lips. A quiet,

poetic piece of Academy Award-craving cinema
where she holds their baby, while she cooks
dinner in their new home, and they pray that
the family business lasts against one of their
fathers' personal, past-riddled demons. Yes, we'll

watch all of those films together, a refreshing change
from the same old coming-out-just-to-fall-apart tales,
sharing popcorn as the credits roll, perhaps ready
to produce some stories of our own for the screen.

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