Gritty Details

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Tonight's Poet Corner: Sonnet Solstice #277

The Mob Was Swarming
by Belinda Roddie

The mob was swarming up the avenue
like an unctuous blob leaving a slick trail
of anger and misinformation. You
were helplessly watching against the rail
of your balcony, coffee cooling in
your mug, as the slimy monstrosity
oozed down the street, both growling and howling
like a wounded animal. You could see
the eyes - the eyes! - all glowing from the mass,
tinged with the colors of rage and denial,
stained teeth grinding and shattering like glass
as the lies they believed in turned to bile
in their throats. And thus, the mob would swallow
all in its path, continuing to grow.

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