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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Tonight's Poet Corner: The Devil's Cool With This

The Devil's Cool With This
by Belinda Roddie

Someone once told me
to kiss her ass and go to Hell.
I said to her, "If that's the case,
I'll have to scorch your little tush
with my big, burning lips." She
surprisingly was impressed, and
she offered me a bourbon.

Two hours later, we were drunk
and making out in her tiny bedroom
overlooking the overpass in a shitty
part of town where the rats had evolved
faster than the humans had. And once
she pulled me to the bed, she whispered
in my ear, "Guess what, sweetheart:

You get to kiss my ass, and now
we'll both go to Hell in a handbasket."
And so the fiery chariot was built
below our feet, waiting to carry us
to Satan's sauna, while for the time
being we heated up each other's bodies
with our mouths and tongues, sipping
the air like nectar stolen from Heaven.

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