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Friday, January 27, 2017

Tonight's Poet Corner: Introspection

Guys. We did it. We survived the first week of the new regime.

It was not a fun week, mind you. Scientific minds were censored. Federal agencies were frozen. Refugees were banned, and a wall is going to be built with our tax dollars. The media has been declared an enemy of the state, and rogue groups have popped up to fight for a noble cause. That last part is more optimistic, but the fact that it even needs to happen is disconcerting, to say the least.

But we survived! We made it through the chaos. We have a long, looooong way to go, but the little victories matter.

My experience? The beginning of the week was dreadful. I wound up deactivating a couple of my social media accounts because I have grown addicted to looking up media and social events. I broke down in my wife's arms and admitted that I need to reevaluate how I care for myself. I have decided to focus on two issues starting from the local level: First Amendment protections and the LGBTQ+ community. If I can better manage the balance between my activism and my personal life, it will make all the difference.

I did march, though, in a nearby city with my mother. And I will continue to march if need be, and call, and write, and show up. That's what I have to do. That's what we all have to do to preserve our freedoms and combat an oppressive administration.

In the meantime, I'm also breaking in new hiking boots so Arden and I can go backpacking in Yosemite this summer. This weekend will be nice - I'll be seeing my family, watching a musical, and celebrating my father's sixty-third birthday. I need to enjoy the people and things around me - who knows how long I'll be able to do that?

Keep resisting, everyone. And have a great night and a great weekend.

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