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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Tonight's Poet Corner: No Hetero

No Hetero
by Belinda Roddie

Nicholas likes boys
and that's no lie
Emery likes girls
and getting high
Both ditch school
to go play pool
and Emery laughs
as she breaks
all the rules
Two matches in
and Nicholas wins
while they both talk
sports, drugs, sex, and sin

He drinks scotch
and she swigs beer
Both get a kick out
of being super queer
They head outside
to smoke a pipe or two
Em wears green
and Nick wears blue
Inside, they're red
as red can be
while they both
get faded on
Fifth and C

Nick goes home to
a mean, drunk dad
Em deals with Mom
who's always mad
Nicholas ditches
his old man
as he bitches
heading up to
his room before
he needs to
get stitches
Emery's room is
as cold as a tomb
but magazines filled
with babes gets rid
of all the gloom

Every night, it's
always the same
Nick and Em get
stoned and play
another pool game
He's thinking 'bout boys
and playing with
their floppy toys
She's got ladies on
her mind and it's
never been a choice
Ain't no lie: They're
as gay as can be
They like it that
way while they're
on Fifth and C

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