Gritty Details

Friday, February 24, 2017

Tonight's Poet Corner: Introspection

Most of today was great. I had a very positive and productive annual review at my job. I got to go on a beautiful hike with my mom and wife. My wife made me dinner.

Then I learned that the so-called president is escalating his attack on freedom of the press, and to top it off, I had a whopping headache for over four hours.

Yeah, definitely a mixed bag for me. But I'm proud of my teaching, and I have faith that journalists will maintain courage and integrity in this time of danger and uncertainty.

Don't let the orange man crack down on you, reporters. We got your back. And if you're reading and want to help more, please consider donating to the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press. It's even better if it's recurring. Subscribe to newspapers as well, including local ones. You won't regret defending the First Amendment against a wannabe reality show dictator.

Have a great night and a great weekend, everyone.

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