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Monday, March 27, 2017

Tonight's Poet Corner: And Do You

And Do You
by Belinda Roddie

There was a wedding I officiated
at the local park, where the pond lay
stagnant, but the breeze was warm
and the poppies grew in golden tufts

like lions' crowns
on a kingdom of green.

The two people I married wore
tailored black suits and red ties,
though their boutonnieres sported
completely different flowers:

a yellow rose and a violet for
the ease of Summer's journey,
its chariot gliding across a horizon,
trimmed with the emperor's braid.

The words I spoke
were not my own
but theirs instead.
I recited poetry once kept

in books tucked under beds. I drank
the vows in like champagne before
the fathers could even give their toasts.
Behind spectacles, I saw the sun's descent.

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