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Monday, March 6, 2017

Tonight's Poet Corner: A Cup, A Cup For Me

A Cup, A Cup For Me
by Belinda Roddie

Should you make your way
to the headlands, you will find
the reservoir of dreams. Drink from
it, and save a sip for your wife.
Share a kiss, and sleep with smiles.
Try to find the good in everyone,
and if you find none, direct them
to the reservoir, for they will surely
drown, or drink themselves sick.
Dip both hands into the water; you
will wash the past away. The present
is in turmoil, and the future is always
an uncertain guest. It may balk
at your invitation, but do not worry
that it won't come. Make your way
into the headlands, and stay there
until the next winter's rain.

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