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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Tonight's Poet Corner: An Idyllic Scene

An Idyllic Scene
by Belinda Roddie

Last time I checked,
all the mouth-breathing,
tobacco-gnawing, squirrel-faced
flat-Earthers were at the
local alley, bowling hambones
and drinking bad sangria out of
plastic pitchers, wearing red
baseball caps with slogans that
were tailored toward the fat men
with fat pockets. They slurped up
their lukewarm booze and relinquished
their bodies to the primordial soup
being served to those who evolved
quickly enough to stomach it. And
they weren't planning on leaving
the facilities any time soon - not before
a game of billiards and a shitty round of
pinball with that little silver ball
dinging to the beat of their own
congestive heart failure.

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