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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Tonight's Poet Corner: Market Trends

Market Trends
by Belinda Roddie

Rumor has it
that there's an oversupply
of skinny jeans,
and the demand ain't high
but the price has skyrocketed
on candy bars (there's a
chocolate shortage, you know).

The stock market says
that the Internet's out
and the Neo-Internet
is so very in.
It's just like the Internet,
only you pay in pieces
of soul instead of seventy-five
bucks a month - millennials
are jumping at the deal. After all,

they've clearly sold their humanity
already to avocado toast
and mimosas on Sundays
while the wages get lower
and there's no place like home
(unless it costs one million dollars
to own). So pay heed to the

gurgling, writhing market - it's
walking with a cane again after
two broken legs and a tear
in the groin. Raise a glass to the
new economy! While the boomers
are wondering why dirty socialism
is back on the menu.

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