Gritty Details

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Tonight's Poet Corner: That Old Drunk

That Old Drunk
by Belinda Roddie

Loosen up your limbs
with a drink or four.
Steins up! Glasses full!
Down crystalline shots
to even up the mental score.

You're not one to back down
from a stupid challenge, not
until you're expelling your
intestines into the nearest
cold, porcelain bowl. Steins down!
Glasses drained! Your poor wife

pulls your hair back and sings
to you as your edible regrets
of the day come pouring out
in a stream-of-conscious Faulkner
flow. Then it's back to the bar

to write a check. Go home, and
a bottle's waiting for you. Drink
half of it and go to sleep. Sweet
dreams! You won't remember
how much she loves you when
you wake up the next evening.

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