Gritty Details

Monday, May 29, 2017

Tonight's Poet Corner: This Is Our Fate

This Is Our Fate
by Belinda Roddie

All of this is real, my love:
the rain that stains the windows violet,
the earthquake splitting open the glass
of cathedrals. His storm is mighty,
but even He cannot control it for very long.

If you run away with me, we will
only be safe temporarily. In the end,
all souls are swallowed by the ocean.
The king of Atlantis will have his dominion
once more, full of salt and servants.

Should you take a spoonful of apocalypse,
you, too, shall adjust to the new normal.
Chew slowly, swallow carefully. Then
feel your feet settle on barren ground,
before the final flower blooms and dies.

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