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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Tonight's Poet Corner: The Great Adventure

The Great Adventure
by Belinda Roddie

Come with me to the mystical land
of gas stations and supermarkets,
where the slurpies are o'erflowing,
and you can get three candy bars
for the price of one.

Take my hand, and I will lead you
to neon OPEN signs and red counters
where a fat white guy with a neckbeard
will try to flirt with you as you ask for
a bag to carry your junk food. Maybe,
if we're lucky, they'll have doughnuts, too.
Magical doughnuts!

Home will never seem the same again
after we emerge from our wonderland
of cheap sugar and caffeine, our hearts
racing only because we consumed
an excessive amount of fifty cent coffee.

Yes, in the kingdom of scratch tickets
and cigarettes, we'll be safe from the
horrors of the real world, where God forbid,
there might be trees growing taller than we are,
and waaaaaay too much oxygen.

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