Gritty Details

Friday, June 2, 2017

Tonight's Poet Corner: Introspection

This week was surprisingly tiring. I didn't get as much sleep as I hoped. I haven't been hitting the gym as much as I should, so I feel sluggish and gross. Work has felt a bit more like a chore lately - not sure why, as I still enjoy it.

I had a great three day weekend, don't get me wrong. Being able to break away from everything and relax with my wife was definitely needed. I guess that transitioning takes a lot out of you, especially since now Arden and I are searching for a new place in earnest.

We've got a couple of appointments lined up for condos and apartments closer to where I work. My hope is that being a teacher at a local district can help us somewhat. Three students from my yearbook class signed up for summer camp, so that's good. In the end, there's just a lot happening in the future, and it drains a lot of my mental capacity.

Which is why, unsurprisingly, I'm not writing much of an introspection. I'm just going to conk out before I head to my hometown with the wifey so we can get her car serviced and my hair cut.

Have a great night and a great weekend, everyone.

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