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Friday, August 4, 2017

Tonight's Poet Corner: Introspection

Whew! It has been quite a week. Lot of changes, all of them expected and planned out. Now it's just a matter of moving forward.

Thursday, August 3rd was my last official day working at Fusion Academy Marin. I was an English and Social Studies teacher there for over two years, mentoring several dozen students from different backgrounds with different needs. I cultivated an enormous amount of knowledge in regards to how I create a lesson, how I scaffold a skill, and how I build a rapport with the individual I'm trying to teach. During those years, I witnessed tremendous growth in most of my students, and I am so proud of how far they have come. Clearly, I've done something right for at least some of them - I've gotten lots of chocolate-based gifts and even Giants tickets out of it!

Both the students and the staff at Fusion made it extremely difficult for me to leave. Everyone there knew how to create an environment and school culture that was overwhelmingly positive and focused on growth, compassion, and resilience. I had an incredible circle of friends and colleagues to learn from, and my admin team ensured that I gained confidence in my ability to teach. To all of you still working at Fusion Academy Marin, and to all of you I collaborated with who, like me, moved on to other things: Thank you. I really can't express my gratitude that well in words (which is ironic, given that putting thoughts into words is kind of what I do as a passion), but I will not forget how much you helped me become a better teacher and a better person.

Walking away from the school yesterday felt a bit like turning the page on another chapter of a book (I know, I know. A writer using a book metaphor for life. Well done, Belinda). I didn't linger and stare at the school before I left, like some sort of climatic scene from a movie. I didn't feel sorrow. I didn't feel joy. I felt some anxiety, but that's par for the course. Mostly, I felt...complete. I had accomplished what I had come to accomplish, and now it was time to move forward in my life's novel, where new adventures awaited.

I will be transitioning to a public high school, where, as you probably already know, I will work as a tenth grade English teacher and the school's Yearbook adviser. This first year will not be easy, but I have the support I need, just like I had when I started at Fusion. I have paperwork to fill out, meetings to attend, protocol to study, and curricula to develop. I will use the next two weeks to prepare for my next big step in my path as an educator.

But first, I'm going to enjoy a weekend at my in-laws' place. I just finished an exciting game of Scrabble with my darling mother-in-law, and tomorrow, we're dressing up and heading to the Renaissance Faire. So I'm going to be a giant nerd and relax until Monday.

I hope that you all can relax and feel accomplished in what you've done as well. Much love to you beautiful readers, and have a great night and a great weekend, everyone.

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