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Saturday, August 11, 2018

Saturday's Storyteller: Phoenix McGregor

by Belinda Roddie

Phoebe McGregor likes to be called Phoenix, especially when she's in her "adventure" outfit. She uses the walking stick her father used, which is also the walking stick his father used, and so on and so forth. It's a lovely and sleek thing, smooth on the palm. Matches the coat and hat quite well.

Phoenix's wife thinks she overdresses for an adventurer and opines that there's not much adventure to be had. Phoenix would disagree wholeheartedly. After all, she was able to return a lost cat to a grieving family two months ago, and last week, she retrieved a missing gift card for a nice Italian restaurant from deep within the vaults of a person's estate. And by vaults, she means basement, and by estate, she means two-story house worth way more than it looks these days.

Phoenix was raised in the North Bay and went to school in the suburbs, though she has always loved the big cities. She's a bit overly imaginative - always has been. Isn't that typical of adventurers like her? She looks like a 1940s film noir inspector in her attire, but she'd like to assure you that her father and grandfather dressed a similar way when they tried to be a fancier Indiana Jones. She hasn't traveled far beyond the west coast, but what she's seen here is extraordinary.

She's a good singer, and a decent guitarist. She can make a mean French toast. She prefers to drink cider over beer, orders her steaks rare, and has a penchant for puns. And sometimes, she'll spend hours playing with the cats at the nearest pet store. She likes the big, orange, floofy felines. She wants to name one Goliath for obvious reasons.

If you see Phoenix walking down the street, wearing her suit and coat and hat and brandishing her walking stick, remember to say hello. She also likes chocolate mint tea in the mornings, so she'll be your best friend if you buy her some. And perhaps she'll let you get involved in her next expedition on Treasure Island, where anything but real treasure awaits.

This prompt was inspired by brainstorming for the 48 Hour Film I worked on with friends and colleagues. While Phoenix McGregor was not ultimately used in the final script, she is certainly not a lost cause. I'll see if I can write her some stories and screenplays soon enough.

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