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Monday, August 6, 2018

Tonight's Poet Corner: 73 Floors Up

73 Floors Up
by Belinda Roddie

73 floors up
we see the urban world revealed
in black and white comic strips
all panels still in motion
the characters dealing with
their personalized dilemmas
with text bobbing above
their heads and speech bubbles
losing their fraying borders

We are condensed into newsprint
puzzles and cryptograms
We pretend to see everything
in color when there is no more
saturation in the air
If we look closely at the view
the boats on the gray water
stop moving just long enough
to blend into the background
just like graphite disintegrating
into smudged and faded shadows

73 floors up
we see everything revealed
as flat instead of elevated
as dim instead of bright
Maybe in the dead of night
we will notice a different hue
but that is only if the artist
feels like changing the palette
of an old, forgotten city

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