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Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Tonight's Poet Corner: Child Of Pontus, Primordial

Son Of Pontus, Primordial
by Belinda Roddie

I was actually born yesterday:
dredged from the water like soggy
flour, driftwood reshaped into a new
Pinocchio. Got a kiss on the nose
from a princess in purple and grew
flesh right in the middle of
the town square. I think I may
have scared the dogs and the children.

The way you smiled at me when you
took me into your cottage was alarming
and foreign. You scrubbed down my new
body with sheep's fleece, dressed me in
your father's tunic and robes. You taught
me all the words that would help me survive
in the middle of a storm. And after a few
hours, once the sun had set, you asked me
what I wanted my name to be.

It was simple, really: now I had a list ready.
I was Aadi and Ashur and Genesis; I was
Navin, Neo, Nysa, and Dawn. Zora,
Aurora, Zerlinda and Zelenka -
Dagny and Digian, both of which
I had soft spots for. But you found another
sewn into my melting stitches: the last

anatomical spot where I was never fully
human. You touched the patchwork and
said to me, "I think Vivaan suits you. You
emerged from the sea with the sun caught
in your thatch roof hair." And I suppose
it fit, and you fit well with me, for your
name was Ordell, and we began this
new, warm, brazen life together.

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