Gritty Details


My blog features multiple "segments" in which I write based on topic, suggestion, or whim. Below is a breakdown of each segment and when they happen during the week.


Based on the daily prompts from the oneword™ website, I post my responses to the daily word every single day, written within a strict sixty second time frame. So expect OneWord blog entries in the morning or afternoon, depending on when the site is updated and what my schedule is.

If you would like to support a great website and get yourself writing for at least one minute a day, just click here to get started.

 Poet Corner 

Every weeknight, I post something relevant to poetry for "Poet Corner." This could be an original poem (or on very rare occasions, a collaborative original poem or a guest's original poem), an addition to "Sonnet Solstice," or an end-of-the-week "Introspection," where I summarize my current situation, thoughts on writing, and whatever recommendations I have for the night.

Ten Word Tales

Every Friday, I post a story consisting only of ten words. No prompts. No extra rules. Just a very straightforward and very short piece of flash fiction every week. Heck, they're even shorter than my OneWords are!


Before every Saturday, I will ask for an opening line or prompt for a story from peers or followers. When I find one I like, I will use it for a "Storyteller," where I will write a piece of fiction based on the prompts I receive. Obviously, readers who send me opening lines may not expect the kind of story I end up producing with said lines or ideas, but they will receive credit for their creative offerings.

Sometimes, I may write a Storyteller without a prompt; this may be due to personal choice or the inability to find an appropriately inspiring opening line on time. On occasion, if I am working on a larger project, there will not be a Storyteller but instead an announcement or series of updates about said project.

 Whims of the Time Traveler (Retired)

A less common segment, "Whims of the Time Traveler" occurred every Friday in which I posted a poem, short story, or essay from my past (at least one year before the current year). These writings were not edited or altered - save for some slight mechanical fixes such as spelling and punctuation - instead presented in the way they were written originally during that specific year. This gave me a chance to display my writing throughout the years, revealing how it used to be and how it changed over time. The segment was retired in October of 2014, after I ran out of archived works to post.